Tournament «Cup Site 2017 to Gomoku swap2 6th stage»

The tournament is finished. The tournament winner: Owen

Type: Private tournament
Date of start: 20 of March, 2017
Status: Finished
Date of finish: 16.05.2017
Participants: 22
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Opens the record for the Cup Site 2017 to Gomoku swap2 6th stage.

Start stage March 20, 2017.

Tournament Rules for the Cup Site 2017 to Gomoku swap2

1. Cup Site 2017 to Gomoku swap2 carried out in several stages, carried out in 2016-2017.

The start of the 6th stage of the March 20, 2017 (the numbering of steps continues, since 2016)

2. Each step is performed in a round robin:

– if the participants to 25, in a circle, each with each playing one game;

– if more than 25 members, Cup step is carried out in two rounds: 1-lap formed two or more groups; in the 2 nd round get 16 of the best players at the end of the 1st round, and, Points scored in the 1st round among those who came out in the 2nd round are transferred in the 2nd round, and there these players among themselves not play.

3. In case of a tie winners are determined:

– the result of a personal meeting;

– Berger coefficient;

– number of wins;

– lower the rating value at the start of this stage.

4. Time control at all stages – 30 days for each party. Without leave.

5. Determination of the winners in the overall standings of the Cup site in 2017.

At each stage, the top 16 players, then: in the 1st place 17 points; for 2nd place 15 points; for the third -14 points; etc. at point less; of 16th 1 point. The scores for all stages of the Cup, held in 2016-2017, starting from the 5th stage, summed up and winners are determined by site 2017 Cup.

In case of equal points the winners are determined by:

– more than 1 x places (stages in the cup), 2 seats, 3 seats, etc.

– the decision of the jury.

6. Rewarding.

At each stage, the winner is awarded a record of winning the personal page.

In the overall standings: three winners will be awarded with cups on the personal page.

7. WARNING: Points scored for places starting from the 5th stage, go into the general offset of the Cup in 2018 Site of the year.

8. Using software – PROHIBITED.

9. The Jury reserves the right to modify or amend this regulation points.