For training to play Renju offer 2 options:

1. To play against the computer in a tic-tac-toe .

2. To solve the task to the definition of fouls.

The game “Tic Tac Toe”. The rules of this game are slightly different from Renju and Gomoku. For example, is permitted if a draw is unlikely and 5 crosses and noughts. The playing field is involved in a series of games at once, until there are no more cells (cells overwritten used once and can not be used in the future, but these are games in the same field). However, the main rule as in Renju and Gomoku – to win you need to build 5 chips in a row (in this case it crosses or zeros). It recommended for beginners.

Game code is provided by Arteben from habrahabr

Play training game

Ability to define in fouls Renju – one of the most important skills for a successful game for both black (for them it is an invalid travel), and whites (forced to foul – one of the possible tactical receptions in a game). However, it does not always get to see the foul immediately. There are times when fouls are not so obvious or apparent fouls are not. Training is offered by the definition of fouls in the form of specially selected tasks. It is recommended to start with the easy level and gradually increase the complexity of the tasks.

The task to define of fouls in renju

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