Tournament «Major League Championship Renju 2019 site»

The tournament is finished. The tournament winner: Owen

Type: Private tournament
Date of start: 24 of April, 2019
Status: Finished
Date of finish: 01.07.2019
Participants: 13
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Discipline: Renju
Debut time limit: co-RV-8
Number of stages: one stage in two circles.
Party time: 45 days for each player
Participants: Owen, alleb, dm_litv, Rita Rioli, Boor, cosvlad, Valentin Alekseev, kpotnn, avelP, ssergey, YakuninAV

according to the tournament regulations:


According to the results of the tournament, 1-7 places retain the right to play in VL Emergency on Renju 2020, 8-10 places are eliminated from VL
Start: April 24, 2019
The use of software is prohibited

All participants must confirm their participation by signing up for the tournament.