Tournament «World Correspondence Gomoku Championship, 2019. Group A.»

The tournament is finished. The tournament winner: Owen

Type: Private tournament
Date of start: 23 of December, 2018
Status: Finished
Date of finish: 21.01.2020
Participants: 0
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The opening rule is swap2.
The time control is 135 days per player, for each game. After 150 moves a game is declared a draw.
If player abandons the tournament thereby forfeiting a significant number of games, then he may be disqualified in which case all his games will be considered losses. Decisions about disqualification in the First League, in the Second league and in the Qualification Tournament will be made by Chief Referee, and by Referee Council in the High League.
NB: Dear players, please respect each other and play according to the fair play spirit! If Chief Referee determines that a player has made an unfair action (for example, has resigned or suggested a draw in an absolutely winning position, or has failed to block the opponent’s four) to let his opponent get better tournament result, the Referee can exclude that participant from the tournament and declare all his games lost. In the High League such exclusion also can be made, but by Referee Council instead of Chief Referee.
Any kind of program help is allowed.
Participants list:
Epifanov Dmitry RUS Owen
Drozdov Vladimir RUS valdemar52
Litvinenko Andrey RUS AndreiLi
Smirnov Anatoly RUS anatoliy
Bulatowsky Oleg UKR Oleg
Rostovtsev-Popiel Alexander RUS lamaza
Majksner Łukasz POL usiek
Eremin Oleg RUS monster
Makarov Pavel RUS pavelm
Lebedev Alexey RUS alleb
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