Announcement of New Year’s tournaments: where to go to play for Christmas

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New Year’s holidays in the world of Renju are usually full of events. Will not be exceptions and the current. Not so long ago, on Catholic Christmas, a traditional open tournament with a rather strong composition took place in Tallinn. But if the Tallinn super tournament has already ended, then in Russia everything is just beginning.

On January 2-5, the Arkhangelsk Region Championship will take place in Podyug.

On January 3-7, the third international team tournament will be held in St. Petersburg. At the moment there are only 4 teams registered, however the number of participating teams may still increase. The most interesting event will be the participation of Vlad Kareev from Nizhny Novgorod.

On January 6-8, a Christmas tournament will take place in Rybinsk. Here, too, is not without loud news. It is expected that participation in the competition will take the famous St. Petersburg renzist Viktor Alexandrov.

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