1st League 5th Gomoki Championship Site swap2

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Registration for the 1st league of the 5th Championship of the Gomoku website swap2 opens.

The following players are registered:

main structure: 1.Toxaz 2. George Metreveli 3.dmitriy_savenko 4.Tingking 5.kpotnn 6.Finik 7.RioRita 8.pif124 9.nikolae.kvitka 10.miga.

alternate players: 1.ROTOR 2.kakosik 3.avelP 4.valeriy Khabarov 5.Aleksandr Chentsov 6.sergey.andreev.

Start: October 3, 2018

They play two games each with each different color.

On thinking about 4 days per move. Holiday is allowed.

The distribution of seats: points scored; the result of a personal meeting; Berger coefficient; number of wins; lowest starting rating.

Three of the best go to the big leagues of the 5th Championship of the site (start – February-March 2019).

The places from the 4th to the 7th preserve the places in the first league of the 6th Championship of the site (start – October 2019).

Places from the 8th to the 10th go into the second league (start – February-March 2019).

Software is prohibited.

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